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Features you'll love:


An ergonomic bottle with a safe grip made out of high quality 18/8 food grade stainless steel.

Hot and cold at the same time.

A system of thermic compartments that allows you to carry hot and cold beverages at the same time.

Double lid.

It has a double lid, so you can drink any liquid without having to remove the compartments.

About us:

We build ease trough beautiful user experience.


Discreet elegance. Minimalism and exclusive designs that combine functionality and aesthetics. The best of both worlds.


In everything we do, we focus on practicality, we develop our products to make people's lives easier.


Technological innovation is one of our pillars, so we put a lot of our efforts into developing new features and a lot of our time into iterations of our concepts.


We believe in developing 
singular products.

Image by Matt Artz

in design.

We are convinced that the relationship between people and everyday products is in constant evolution. We dare to think differently, questioning the status quo and orienting ourselves to the real needs of people and companies. Our relentless goal is to perfect their world, and it is this dogged pursuit that allows us to create truly singular products.

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