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Say hi to Series 1

Discover the Future of Hydration


Now You Carry Two Liquids and Keep at The Perfect Temperature

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A Revolution in Beverage Convenience and Style

Experience the future of beverage portability with our innovative Series 1 bottle.


Our B2B company specializes in selling the innovative Series 1 bottle. With its thermal technology, this bottle allows you to carry two liquids at the same time while keeping them at their desired temperatures. Perfect for professionals on the go, the Series 1 bottle combines convenience, style, and functionality in one sleek design. Stay hydrated and productive with the Series 1 bottle.

Endless Possibilities

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities with our Series 1 bottle.


Our innovative design allows you to customize your bottle to match your style, mood, or brand. With over 3 trillion possible color arrangements, you can truly make the Series 1 your own.

Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors to make a statement, or subtle and sophisticated shades for professional look, we've got you covered. The choice is yours.


Remember, with Series 1, it's not just a bottle, it's a statement of who you are.

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Singular and ergonomic design, for a unique experience.

You can choose to use this bottle in single or double mode.

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